About Us

Shutters Plus is owned and operated in Albany, Ga., by Chad Warbington. As a Mechanical Engineer graduate from Georgia Tech, Chad has a passion to manufacture high quality wood products efficiently that meets every customer’s needs. As a proven business man, Chad understands the bottom line of the company is based on having a competent and knowledgeable staff who strives for customer satisfaction.

Our skilled and dedicated employees are the key to maintaining a successful business and quality product. From the very beginning where the wood is first handled to the final coat of paint being applied, our employees always have the customer in mind. Whatever step in the manufacturing process the product is in, it is understood that quality cannot be compromised. A customer who is pleased with the products and services that have been provided is our ultimate objective. Our goal as a company is to create the best experience possible for our customers during every aspect of the project. The best advertising for Shutters Plus is a satisfied customer who refers their friends and family.

Our dedicated office staff is here to assist in you in scheduling an in-home consultation, ensuring installation appointments are scheduled to meet your needs and by personally explaining the different products available throughout our showroom. Most shutter and cabinet companies do not have a showroom. By seeing our products first hand and interacting with our employees, our showroom is designed to give our customers that extra boost of confidence in their purchase as well as a sense that our business is stable and dependable.

Now Serving….ALL of SW Georgia!!!